“He wasn’t fit enough to lick my shoe.”- ch 2 pg 34

“I never care what I do so I have a good time.”- ch 3 pg 43

“It was one of those rare smiles.”- ch 3 pg 48


I absolutely adore this! I feel as though not enough people know the difference between actually liking someone for their personality, or liking them just for their looks. Many people tend to get those two mixed up. Many of us have been through this situation before. This post explained everything that was in my mind that I couldn’t explain. To be honest, this post let ME understand how I felt. I felt as if someone went into my head, and typed. This post gets me! I think people should SLOW DOWN! READ THIS ARTICLE.

Online Followers Talk

Now, lets talk about online chatting. I have a Tumblr, which is another website you can blog on. I only use it to reblog pictures and quotes I like, not so much for actually blogging. People are able to message you on there so sometimes, your followers or whoever runs across your page will talk to you. People on Tumblr talk to me all the time which is pretty cool because you can get to know the people who follow you but there is also a downside to talking to people who follow you. Most of my followers are guys. Some are really nice, some are very inappropriate, and some are there but quiet. Two weeks ago, I started to unfollow people because I was following way too many people who weren’t active. I ran across this one page I followed and realized they made a new account so I unfollowed their old one and followed their new one. A day after I followed their new one, they followed me back and also followed me on instagram because I had a link on my page. I then of course followed back. When I followed back, they direct messaged me saying hello. Once that day came to an end, we decided to talk somewhere else other than instagram so we swapped numbers. Ever since that day, we haven’t stopped talking since. A lot of people seem to like him and he seems to flirt with everyone including me. I mean, I honestly don’t want him to treat me like the other girls. I don’t need him to flirt with me. I feel like if you don’t mean something, you shouldn’t say it at all. I am absolutely okay with being friends but I’m not exactly sure how to tell him yet. I feel like what I want to say is a little harsh so I’m finding the right words to say so he doesn’t take them the wrong way. Girls and guys can be friends! Not every girl and guy relationship has to be intimate. Don’t get me wrong, he is a really nice guy but he just seems to be the typical “player” to me and I don’t really have time for those people. Harsh but true, sorry :/ haha. I am still debating if I want to continue this friendship we currently have but constantly get ticked off, or just end the whole thing but on somewhat good terms debating on how he takes it. Hopefully he takes what I say well. What should I do?! What should I say?! Should I even be caring about this person? They live in Canada! Is there even a point? HELP!

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Long Distance Relationships

Long. Distance. Relationships. All I can say is that it is so hard! In my opinion, it honestly sucks. You meet the person you find interesting, you fall in love, they move away, and it seems like everything just disappeared. The fact that you had the ability to physically touch and be with the other person but now, you can’t. You no longer can do things with them. You guys no longer attend events as a pair. Depressing isn’t it? VERY. It’s not like you can’t talk to them still, but its not the same as them being there in person with you. You guys may Facetime, Skype, text, and call each other but you slowly run out of things to talk about. Something about someone physically being there with you gives you the feeling they understand what you went through that day. It is just the best feeling. The typical questions are “How was your day? What did you do today? Do yet ou have any plans? How was work? How was school?” . Those questions don’t really seem that interesting but they work for a couple of weeks before it gets really boring. Having the ability to just be with them is great! No words needed, just their presence. It’s not like you don’t want to share what happened to you that day but it’s extremely difficult because it may involve people they don’t know and you have to explain who they are to them. It just becomes a very complicated day to explain so you don’t even try anymore. You then start to lose interest because you get asked the same questions everyday. Its a sad thing but it does happen.

Inappropriate substitutes

One day, I went to class to find out we had a substitute. I actually like having subs because for me, its a day to kind of relax/kick back but there was this one sub. This one sub I had for math and ceramics gave me this iffy feeling about him. I didn’t really care for him because he was just a sub but I kept realizing he was looking at me. I then just gave him that awkward smile and looked away but every time I looked up, he was looking at me. He was my sub for 3 days in ceramics. One of the days, he kept looking at my phone. He pressed the  home button to see what i had on my screen but I had my phone locked so there wasn’t anything really to see. When he did that, I just gave him a weird look and continued to glaze my project. That same day, I finished my glazing so I went on my phone and went on tumblr. He walked behind me and looked over my shoulder and asked what I was listening to because I had my headphones on and I responded with “music” because he was weird to me and I didn’t want to have a long conversation with him. Then he asked what songs and I responded with “I don’t think you would know.” He then said “try me” and so I showed him my playlist that consists of music by the weeknd. Later on, he came back and asked what I was doing again. I responded with “tumblr” and he said “oh! whats your tumblr? Let me follow you.” I then laughed thinking he was joking but he said “so you’re really not going to tell me?” Of course I said no and went to the restroom to get away from continuing the conversation. When I got back, he asked what kind of stuff do I blog about and I just said “I don’t use my own pictures I just reblog from people.” He then asked “what kind of things do you reblog? Is it just pictures you like and quotes?” I then just nodded my head and walked back to my seat. He then came back to my seat and told me what his tumblr consists of which is his own pictures because “he loves photography.” The class was finally over and I was happy to leave. On Thursday, my teacher told me he won’t be coming back because so many people had complained about him saying he was weird and creepy.

I feel like before a school hires someone to be a substitute, they should get to know them a bit or at least do more research on them. This is how child molestation happens! If it wasn’t for people complaining about my sub, he would still be here looking and trying to get at minors. This is a serious issue. Please help keep your student/school safe from molesters/potential molesters.Children

Parents Fighting

In my opinion, it truly sucks hearing your parents fight. My parents are divorced but i’m talking about when my parents fight with their other significant other. I am currently still trying to accept/deal with my parents divorce. It happened in 4th grade but I will never forget those months. Those were my dark times. I had no idea what to do or what to think. I remember every single detail. It was truly a NIGHTMARE! It still is to be honest. My parents still argue on who gets the kids for what holidays or one of our birthdays. My parents don’t argue a lot but when they do, it brings back a lot of memories. I was and still am getting asked who I want to live with. Currently, I am living with my dad but i tend to switch off whenever I want so I guess thats not too bad. I also don’t have a schedule so that takes off some pressure. When my parents argue with their new significant other, it brings me back to when my parents used to argue with each other. All these emotions come out of nowhere. One minute I am happy and doing my own thing, and the next, I get sad because I hear them arguing. Now I understand why parents aren’t supposed to argue in front of children. Children are very curious. Once they have something on their mind, they won’t let it go until they get their answers. When children see their parents fighting, all they want to do is help to make things better. I mean who doesn’t want their parents to be happy? Parents leave the room once they notice kids are around when they are arguing to not scare them but at that moment, its that same moment the kids start to think about it. They are curious little ones. Even today, when I notice arguing, all I want to do is fix it. I still do not know how to deal with arguing. All I can do is hope things get fixed. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, but just as long as things get fixed.


Brandy Melville Hype

Honestly, I do not really understand the hype girls have with brandy melville. I think their clothes are so expensive. But for some reason,  I find myself buying clothes from there. Their clothes are not that special. I would describe their clothes as plain and simple. Do not get me wrong, plain and simple is cute but not a shirt for $30 or a shirt that has one word on it. Their material are very soft, but I still do not think it is worth the price. I find myself buying their clothes because I absolutely love simple and I just can not control myself. You can never go wrong with plain and simple because there are things you can add to dress it up a bit. Now, their store only sells “one sized” clothing. Do I agree that it is one size fit all? Absolutely not. If anything, most of their clothing is too small for the average, or if anything, way too big. When I shop there for myself, I end up buying just oversized shirts and wear them as sweater dresses. In my opinion, their store is for tall, and skinny girls. All of their models and workers are probably at least 5’9 and are extremely thin. If I had a choice to stop shopping there, then I absolutely would. But, brandy is the only clothing store that sells exactly what I am looking for. I love the sweater dress look. No matter what weather there is. They have thin sweaters, and thick sweaters. When I do shop there, I ask myself if it is actually worth it every time I pick something up and I also ask myself how many times would I wear this. I tend to buy things, and only wear them once. Currently, I have only 9 things in my brandy melville cart and the total is a little over $200.Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.51.22 PM